Nailed it, again!

I’m teaching myself to sew, after 20 years of thinking about it. A couple years ago I sewed 4 napkins, which went fine. I’ve been trying to get excited about either another beginning project or about hemming the freakishly long IKEA curtains (sewing a mile of straight lines is actually kind of hard), when I finally said “Fuck it” and started sewing a tailored blouse, which is mostly what I want to be able to sew. I really “nailed it”!

nailedItSewingI somehow cut only one arm (or the dogs ate the second one but didn’t touch anything else??), sewed it as a left sleeve, and then attached it to the right armhole (ha!), and I obviously need to grade the pattern for a larger waist. From this distance you can’t see the million ways I need to improve my technique, but overall I’m pretty impressed with myself! And I actually had fun doing it! I ordered an entire bolt of muslin and interfacing and will just keep on sewing this thing until I have a shirt I’m not embarrassed to leave the house in, at which point i will buy some real fabric!