Remote music server!

I made a remote control music server with another raspberry pi! I discovered that many of the problems that people (including me) have with strange pi behavior is a lack of power. The pi uses 500mA for itself and can supply only 100mA per USB port (there are two). Hooking up a bunch of devices, like a hoggy old Apple keyboard, USB wifi dongle, mouse, and touchscreen are a real drag and the pi bogs or freezes, or drops wifi.

I picked up some nice Belkin powered USB hubs, and I was able to get wifi working. I had to rename the name the pi has, since all pis identify themselves to the local network as raspberrypi, and I already have one on the local network. I need to be able to ssh into them and prefer to use a name rather than the IP (which changes for the wifi one using DHCP).

I installed the program Music Player Demon, usually referred to as mpd on the pi, so it can serve up the music. Then I installed a remote client which lets me control the mpd over wifi. I installed Theremin on my desktop and MPoD on my iphone.

At first it wasn’t all working, but then I realized the problem was that while I thought I had mounted the network drive with all our music, that mount point was empty, so mpd had an empty database. I re-mounted, confirmed that I could see all the folders with my mp3s, and it worked!!!

Now I can play music on the pi and control it with my phone!!! It’s so awesome! The sound is a bit weak with the built in audio, so I might look into another sound card. I am also thinking about a full media server so I could also stream videos, but I don’t have a lot of digital video so that’s not as big of a priority. But I would like to have a little Netflix ‘station’ in the utility room once we move it downstairs and I do my ironing down there. So I will look into using a pi for that.

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