Geeking out

I’ve been keeping an eye on the Google Nexus 7 tablet. I have an iPad2, which is a fabulous tablet, but I find it’s a little heavy (and slippery!) to hold in one hand. I’ve also never had an android device and, being tri-OS-sual (win/mac/linux), I like to explore all the platforms. I guess I’m quad-OS now, with iOS.

I also recently stumbled across the Raspberry Pi, a complete computer in a credit card sized footprint. For $35!!!! I have a thing about cute tiny things, like my cast iron skillet spoonrest (that I use as a stand for my pepper grinder, to contain the peppery dribbles), and this little computer has caught my eye. In addition to wanting an android tablet, I was also trying to find a linux tablet (or figure out if I could root out a droid one and install linux). I hadn’t found anything, but earlier this week I came across people who are turning Pis into tablets: here and here. I went kind of nuts in my head!! I don’t know why I’m so excited about this idea. I guess I think it’s a cool project. I know it won’t really be any lighter or more convenient than an iPad (there are 10″ and 7″ touchscreen screens), but WOW! How nerdy-cool is it to build your own computer! We built a desktop system last summer, and I’ve been trying to figure out if one can build a laptop (basically, not really. Mostly due to lack of standardization of parts). I could see dragging this around as a computer, hopefully with a custom built enclosure! I could also see mounting one in the kitchen to use as an online cookbook.

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