Fall colors!

We went on a little drive yesterday to see the fall colors. We drove up to St. Croix Falls, where I took a few mediocre photos of the stunning colors!

I am obsessed with the backlit leaves; the color just seems so incredible! I’ve been trying to figure out how to recreate the effect in an interior artwork. Possibly backlit stained glass?

My garden is, surprisingly, still at it. The beans are all died off, but the tomatoes are still ripening away! I have 8 butternut squash and 2 pie (sugar) pumpkins also moving towards ripe, and a couple of woody basil plants to pluck and dry. I kind of buried the basil in the tomatoes this year, so it kept flowering on me and turned pretty tough. Not so great for caprese salad, but then I couldn’t find mozzarella di bufala either (but I didn’t look very hard). Next year I’m going to display the basil prominently so I can keep an eye on it. And I want to try a bunch of beans–garbonzo, black, black-eyed-peas. I’ve never had them fresh and am dying to see what they’re like! It’s nice to end the growing season on an optimistic note after a successful end to a summer that got off slowly and not-very-impressively!

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