The Pineapple Purse

Franklin Habit published his irresistible Pineapple handbag this spring. I was taking a class on functional MRI, where we scanned pineapples every week to familiarize ourselves with basics of MRI and how the various parameters affect the images we got. I couldn’t resist the idea of knitting this for the professor. Once I started knitting, it turned out bigger than I expected, and the new joke is that we could stick a phantom* in it and still keep scanning pineapples!

The project was actually very easy–there is basically one row that gets knitted 4 bazillion times. To create the leaves, the row gets shifted by one stitch each round. To create the pineapple nubbins, it gets offset by half the pattern every 9th round. The catch is the teeny, tiny yarn, leading to 320 stitch cast on and slow progress.

And it’s capped off with very bad photography. My actual camera bit the dust (the battery/charger didn’t make the transcontinental transition very well, and I can’t bring myself to spend $60 or more dollars to buy parts for a 7 year old camera that was $200 to begin with. Ah, the hidden costs that make durable goods seem disposable….)

the pineapple bag in the sun

The pineapple in the sun, attempting to look like a handbag (the leaves up top get cinched with a drawstring)

The overexposed pineapple in the sun, which almost shows the colors (the green isn’t quite that dark)

The pineapple again displaying it’s “bagness”, this time lounging on the bed in the dark bedroom…

The pineapple drying upside down on an unsteady base of a pear-ish glass carafe balanced on a glass blender jar.

*Phantoms are containers of water, saline, agar gel, or other chemicals that are scanned to check the MRI scanner’s overall function, or to check the quality of a particular data collection sequence or the quality of a receiver coil.

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