Data entry weekend

I finally got both time and motivation to organize my recipes a bit. I installed Gourmet Recipe Manager (that took some doing; turned out my fink install broke when I upgraded to 10.7, and the gourmet install hung on the xml step until I found this tip). It’s as easy to enter recipes as I could hope for; it does a nice job parsing the ingredients, either as typed or pasted as a whole blob.

Things I’d like to do with it

  • access it via a (to-be-bought) tablet computer installed in the kitchen. Android or chrome tablet? Or Ubuntu (does this even exist)? Or running some kind of VNC or web interface?
  • Create weekly meal plans and shopping lists by making a “recipe” where the ingredients are the recipes planned for the week.
  • mirror/rsync the database on our NAFS

It’s funny how these things go for me. I get in serious ruts, eating the same thing over and over. When I first sat down to start making a list of “meals we like”, I thought of those 4 or 5 meals and then totally stalled out. As soon as I pulled out a few cookbooks, however, I suddenly had a list of over 50 ideas, and I’m only through 4 books! I’m pretty stoked about vastly improving the efficiency of meal planning–click on some recipes, generate a shopping list, and go. I really tend to get bogged down in the choosing-and-list-making part. Once I have the list, I’m happy to shop, and once I have the food I’m usually happy to cook. On the weekends, that is. I’ve really been admitting how much I hate cooking when I get home from work. I’m tired and hungry and really not up for 2 hours of slaving over a hot knife and stove.


I’ve been feeling the urge to blog again. Not sure why–I wasn’t particularly exciting at it before. I still don’t have a focus, so it will still be eclectic! The things that are on my mind a lot (and that I’d like to process via writing):

  • gardening. I’m not very good at it
  • knitting. My primary fiber obsession. I miss spinning and weaving but those aren’t large-dog friendly!
  • programming. Expanding matlab skills (esp psychtoolbox), learning python
  • graphics hardware
  • neuroscience, especially human vision
  • fMRI

Those last four are work-related. I have an awesome job: visual neuroimaging technologist at the U of Minnesota. I’m jack of all trades support for vision research (specifically neuro-imaging, i.e., functional MRI). Peripherals like button boxes and eyetrackers, stimulus presentation, retinotopic mapping. I get to work around giant magnets (up to 7T right now) with an entire building full of awesome toys. I love it!

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