Computing nostalgia

I’m reading this 1977 article about the “P3” wave in EEG, where the authors collected data with a PDP11. I’ve actually never used one, but I heard so many stories about them when I was cutting my adult nerd teeth (earning a BS in physics), that I immediately had to go look them up. Lately the Big Thing at my house is retro games and emulators, including DOS emulators to play the Leather Goddesses of Phobos and the Castle of Dr. Brain

I came across the motherlode of emulators, which includes it’s own games (at the bottom)! 


Data entry weekend

I finally got both time and motivation to organize my recipes a bit. I installed Gourmet Recipe Manager (that took some doing; turned out my fink install broke when I upgraded to 10.7, and the gourmet install hung on the xml step until I found this tip). It’s as easy to enter recipes as I could hope for; it does a nice job parsing the ingredients, either as typed or pasted as a whole blob.

Things I’d like to do with it

  • access it via a (to-be-bought) tablet computer installed in the kitchen. Android or chrome tablet? Or Ubuntu (does this even exist)? Or running some kind of VNC or web interface?
  • Create weekly meal plans and shopping lists by making a “recipe” where the ingredients are the recipes planned for the week.
  • mirror/rsync the database on our NAFS

It’s funny how these things go for me. I get in serious ruts, eating the same thing over and over. When I first sat down to start making a list of “meals we like”, I thought of those 4 or 5 meals and then totally stalled out. As soon as I pulled out a few cookbooks, however, I suddenly had a list of over 50 ideas, and I’m only through 4 books! I’m pretty stoked about vastly improving the efficiency of meal planning–click on some recipes, generate a shopping list, and go. I really tend to get bogged down in the choosing-and-list-making part. Once I have the list, I’m happy to shop, and once I have the food I’m usually happy to cook. On the weekends, that is. I’ve really been admitting how much I hate cooking when I get home from work. I’m tired and hungry and really not up for 2 hours of slaving over a hot knife and stove.


I’ve been feeling the urge to blog again. Not sure why–I wasn’t particularly exciting at it before. I still don’t have a focus, so it will still be eclectic! The things that are on my mind a lot (and that I’d like to process via writing):

  • gardening. I’m not very good at it
  • knitting. My primary fiber obsession. I miss spinning and weaving but those aren’t large-dog friendly!
  • programming. Expanding matlab skills (esp psychtoolbox), learning python
  • graphics hardware
  • neuroscience, especially human vision
  • fMRI

Those last four are work-related. I have an awesome job: visual neuroimaging technologist at the U of Minnesota. I’m jack of all trades support for vision research (specifically neuro-imaging, i.e., functional MRI). Peripherals like button boxes and eyetrackers, stimulus presentation, retinotopic mapping. I get to work around giant magnets (up to 7T right now) with an entire building full of awesome toys. I love it!